Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Maths Rotations

In Room 10 and 11 during our maths time we maths rotations.
Maths rotations are when we do different activities doing maths.

The activities we do are
: Spatial Awareness
This activity is fun because you get to do lots of activities using the blocks and following instructions from the cards. Jayden CB

: Logic Games
These are strategy games where you have to follow the instructions carefully. Cat and Mice is one of the games I like to play. Naomi

: Card and Dice Games
Card and dice games are like games where you use cards or dice games, these games help us get quicker and faster at recalling maths facts. Charlie

: Logic Puzzles
Logic Puzzles are cool you can a lot of different things, it makes your brain work hard. Cefiro

: Sunshine on Line
Sunshine Online is on the computer and it is one of our favourite activities, there are different activities you can do that are all about maths. Ollie

: Basic Facts
For basic facts there is a container full of different basic fact sheets and we choose one to do and we figure out the answers. When we finish one we get another one. When we pack up we glue them into our books. Tina

: Addition and Subtraction Games
Addition and subtraction games make your brain think and jog your memory. They help us get quicker at plus and takeaways. Ryan

: Measurement Activities (That’s our strand topic for Term 1)
For measurement activities we practice using different things to measure with. Christina
Doing the maths rotations is a fun way to practice our maths skills and make choices about who we would like to work with.