Thursday, June 30, 2016

West Ends Got Talent
Our class has been viewing some talent shows to get ideas for our talent show.
We Like this video and got lots of ideas that we could use in show.

Problem solving in Mathematics 


                                      Learning is so much fun when you learn something new, it usually means we have to ask a lot of questions and work with our buddies. fun work can be hard but we all enjoy the challenges.

                                 Our Big Cross Country 

After all our practicing and running around the track the big day came.
We walked all the way to the park and got ready for the warm up before the race.
Mrs H and Mr D walked us around the track and showed us which way to go.
Room 11 and 10 ran as fast as they could, through the mud the water and the wet bush. the parents and the seniors cheered us on.
By the time the last runner had finished it was all most lunchtime and we walked back.