Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Himatangi beach

We got back onto the bus to go to Himatangi beach. When we got there we had morning tea. After that Mr Lobb said there were four activities they were tug of war, flag racing, drift wood challenge and sea creature challenge. Then we did two of those activities then we went to lunch. At lunch we had an ice block. After lunch we did the rest of the activities.  Our favourite ones were flag racing, driftwood challenge and tug of war. Then we got back on the bus and we drove back to school.

By Kaela and Zachary
The Esplanade

On Friday the 1st of December Room 10, 11,13 and 14,  went to the Esplanade. First we went to look at some native birds like Tui and blue duck. Then we went in to the hot house to look at plants, fish and find fake frogs.

from Kaela and Zachary