Thursday, March 1, 2018

Using Story Starters

In Room 11 we used a story starter to help us ignite ideas for our writing. Ms Black modelled a story on the whiteboard, which we put a lot of input into. Our ideas were creative and definitely original. We were trying to use describing words, adjectives and similes in our writing to help engage our audience. This is our class story, our individual stories will be uploaded to our blogs in the next few weeks, once we edit them.

Class story: 

Starter is found on

.........moved next door and started ruling the neighborhood. Steve told us stories about him conquering dragons. Dragons as big as houses. There was even a story about Steve fighting clowns with diamond axes. Steve described the clowns as stupid, with fat red noses. Steve was getting all the attention, so Sean went to Steve's house and yelled "this is my neighborhood!" Sean's happy emotions began to melt he was so furious at Steve. One day Sean was walking along the street and met Captain Underpants. Captain Underpants farted on Sean and gave him super powers. He didn't like the smell of the fart but he kept the super powers. With the super powers Sean flew to Steve's house and thunder screamed "get out of my neighborhood!" while screaming Sean farted. The fart's smell caused Steve to faint. Sean went on to destroy Steve's house. Sean first sneaked into Steve's room where he placed a bomb. He lit the bomb on fire, there was flickering flames coming off it. The house went KAMBOOM!