Tuesday, July 24, 2018


In Room 11 we have a new member - Cookie. Cookie is Ms Blacks pet lamb, she was abandoned by her Mum when she was born. We have been learning how to care for Cookie, what defines a living thing and how Cookie's needs are different to our own. All of West End have been enjoying looking at the cute lamb. Hopefully we all will get a chance to feed her while she continues to visit us at school. What a great start to Term Three!

Moostery Challenge

Ms Black entered us in a New Zealand wide geography challenge last term. The challenge was called NZDairy Moostery, the aim of the game was to find a location and name of a school using the least amount of questions and time. This involved us learning alot about New Zealand, the different islands, regions and areas. The above image shows you what we knew after just one lesson.

Dairy NZ gave Ms Black a buddy school, she didn't tell us anything about the school except the skype address. On Wednesday in the last week we skyped this school and won the challenge!! We found out our school was in West Port, West Coast, South Island, New Zealand and called St Canices School in just 9 questions. We used google maps and our books to assist us. We were very excited that we were winners!